Concerning World United Equity Exchange Corporation

World United Equity Exchange Corporation(WUEE) is member of World Fmamous Brand Association, it's registered same business name World Equity Exchange, WUEE is incorporated by Dr.Hengjie Liu in 2014.

WUEE, WSTVN(World Satellite Television Network Group INC.),UNTV(Unied Nations Television INC.),WTV(World Television INC.), WFBA(World Famous Brand Association) are called World System.

WUEE or WUEEC is responsibility for countries and political parties assets exchange , and engage some part of the WFBA members upon ranking 7 star, 6 star, 5 star multination corporation assets exchange.

世界联合股权交易所股份有限公司是世界名牌协会的成员企业。世界联合股权交易所也称为世界股权交易所、世交所 2014年刘恒杰博士创立了世交所。世交所、世界卫视集团、联合国电视台、世界电视台、世界名牌协会统称为世界系。世交所业务目前为线下交易,主要承担国际组织和各国政府、政党之间的产权交易,也承担部分世界名牌协会排行榜定义的七星级、六星级、五星级跨国公司的资产交易。